Pärnu Contemporary Music Festival

From January 4 to 12, Pärnu Contemporary Music Days will be held. PCMD offers different concerts, workshops and an international conference on music theory.

* January 9: Christian M. Fischer’s Brahmavihara – four mental states will be performed by Mari Targo (violin), Helena Tuuling (clarinet) and Christian M. Fischer (electronics) at Pärnu Central Library at 7 pm. Soprano Kai Kallastu and composer Malle Maltis (electorincs) will perform at Theatre Endla Barn with program Human Voice And Electronics at 9 pm.
* January 10: pianist Diana Liiv will give recital entitled Open Form at Theatre Endla Barn at 7 pm. The program consists of works by Pierre Boulez, Giya Kancheli, Arvo Pärt, Jaan Koha and Malle Maltis. Ensemble Cyberstudio (Monika Mattiesen (flutes), Tammo Sumera (electronics), Meelis Salujärv (video), Mari Mägi (choreography, dancer), Kaja Lindal (choreography, dancer), Kristi Mühling (kannel), Jaak Sooäär (electric guitar), Leonora Palu (flute) and Ursula Chillau (saxophone) will perform music by Tõnu Kõrvits, Märt-Matis Lill, Mart Siimer, Monika Mattiesen, Helena Tulve, Galina Grigorjeva, Jüri Reinvere and Mari Vihmand at Theatre Endla Barn at 9 pm.
* January 11: Concert Experimental musical instruments will be held at Pärnu Old Town Elementary School at 7 pm, where students of Estonian Academy of Arts will perform. Performance Three States of Water will take place at Water Park of Tervise Paradiis at 9 pm.

On January 8 to 12, the 7th International Conference on Music Theory will be held in Tallinn and Pärnu within the Pärnu Contemporary Music Days. It is organised in cooperation with The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Estonian Arnold Schoenberg Society. The main theme of the conference is musical form. The keynote speakers of the conference are William Caplin (McGill Univeristy, Canada), James Hepokoski (Yale University, USA) and Steven Vande Moortele (Toronto Univeristy, Canada), also Estonian musicologists Mart Humal, Margus Pärtlas, Kerri Kotta, Gerhard Lock and many others will read the papers.

PCMD is organised in cooperation with Pärnu Opera, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Estonian Academy of Arts. Detailed information: Pärnu Contemporary Music Days.