Works for Men's Voices

Works for Men's Voices

Veljo Tormis's author CD

Toccata Classics 2007

1. An Aboriginal Song
2.-3. Double Dedication
    2. I'd Like to Sing a Song
    3. Stars
4. Crosswind
5. Our Shadows (Once We Will Reappear)
6. Forging the Sampo
7. The Bishop and the Pagan
8. Incantation for a Stormy Sea
9.-14. Men's Songs
    9. Men's Song
    10. Bundling Song
    11. Betrothal Visit Song
    12. Song of the Turkish War
    13. Serf's Song
    14. Dancing Song
15. Curse upon Iron

Svanholm Singers, conductor Sofia Söderberg Eberhard

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