Urmas Sisask

09.09.1960 - 17.12.2022
  • spellcasting music: reflections of celestial mythology and astronomy
  • magic rhythmic pulse, tonal and modal harmony, variant and variational
    development, polyphony and heterophony, Estonian folk song and
    European sacral music as spiritual and stylistic sources
  • choral and orchestral music, piano works 

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Publishers: Edition 49, Eres Edition, Fennica Gehrman, Alcanto

In memoriam Urmas Sisask (19.12.2022)
Pianist Yuko Yoshioka plays Urmas Sisask’s Starry Sky Cycles in Tokyo (26.08.2019)
New cD with Urmas Sisask's Starry Sky Cycle No. 1 "Northern Sky". (16.01.2017)

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Urmas Sisask
Photo: Kristjan Rosin
Starry Sky Cycle No. 2 Southern Sky, Delight in Mist / Urmas Sisask (piano) (Video: Edition 49)