Urmas Sisask

  • spellcasting music: reflections of celestial mythology and astronomy
  • magic rhythmic pulse, tonal and modal harmony, variant and variational
    development, polyphony and heterophony, Estonian folk song and
    European sacral music as spiritual and stylistic sources
  • choral and orchestral music, piano works 

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Publishers: Edition 49, Eres Edition, Fennica Gehrman, Alcanto

New cD with Urmas Sisask's Starry Sky Cycle No. 1 "Northern Sky". (16.01.2017)
Festival „Mirror in the Mirror“ in Moscow (20.09.2016)
Urmas Sisask in Japan (20.04.2015)

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Urmas Sisask
Photo: Kristjan Rosin
Starry Sky Cycle No. 2 Southern Sky, Delight in Mist / Urmas Sisask (piano) (Video: Edition 49)