Rental Terms

The rent for orchestral materials (parts) is determined according to the price list. Orders should be placed at least one month before the material is required. Final rent includes the performance-specific surcharges and discounts. In case of less than two weeks’ notice an express delivery surcharge will be invoiced.

Copying of the material is not permitted. The rented material must be returned to the EMIC within two weeks of the last performance. A delay penalty of EUR 50 per month will be charged. If the return is delayed by more than three months, the material will be treated as sold and invoiced accordingly together with the outstanding rent.

Performance-related rent surcharges and discounts

  • World premiere of the work: rent + 100%
  • Public performance including a radio broadcast or non-commercial recording: rent + 50%
  • Public performance including a local radio broadcast: rent + 25%
  • Public performance including a TV broadcast: rent + 100%
  • Radio or TV broadcast or non-commercial recording but no other public performance: 
    rent without surcharge
  • Commercial recording: rent + 100%
  • Repeat performances at the same location within one month and on the same rental:
    2nd and 3rd performances: 50% of the rent
    4th and subsequent performances: 25% of the rent
  • Repeat performance at a different location on the same rental: 50% of the rent
  • Choral work with orchestra: rent for orchestral material + choral scores sold separately

Orchestra discounts

  • Student orchestras: rent – 20%
  • Amateur orchestras: rent – 50%
  • Use of material in workshops or similar contexts: rent – 50%

Cancellation of performance

  • If the material has been delivered as ordered but the performance is cancelled, the customer shall pay 50% of the rent.