Estonian Orchestral Music 1896–2004

Estonian Orchestral Music 1896–2004

Catalogue with 2 CD-s

Estonian Music Information Centre 2005
Price: 10.00 €

Catalogue includes a selection (about 600 items) of Estonian composers’ orchestral works and is compiled for the use of music researchers and practitioners. It is the first attempt to specify and systematise Estonian orchestral music. The selection of the composers is conditioned by the availability of more detailed information on their works. The selection of the works is conditioned by the availability of the published scores or manuscripts.

Additional double CD with music samples

Published in 2005
In English
52 pages
Format 160x290mm
Compiled by Evi Arujärv
Edited by Kaja Irjas
Designed by Maarja Kasema, Joosep Siitan
Published by Estonian Music Information Centre