Estonian Sound Recordings 1939

Estonian Sound Recordings 1939

Historical recordings from 1939 on 12 CDs with book

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 2009

CD 1: Orchestral Music I
CD 2: Orchestral Music II
CD 3: Orchestral Music III
CD 4: Orchestral Music IV
CD 5: Choral Music I. Mixed Choir
CD 6: Choral Music II. Mixed Choir
CD 7: Choral Music III. Male Choir and Mixed Choir
CD 8: Chamber Music I, Music for Piano and Organ
CD 9: Chamber Music II
CD 10: Excerpts of Operas and Solo Songs
CD 11: Hit-songs and Songs from Operettas
CD 12: Brass Music and Speeches

The book of 304 pages includes facsimile photos and documents, short biographies and articles:
- Kadri Steinbach, Urve Lippus: Musical scene in Estonia in the End of the 1930s
- Ilvi Rauna: Recording of Estonian Music May - June 1939
- Claus Byrith: Estonian Recordings of 1939. A brief introduction to pre-war recordmaking and how the frozen sound was brought back to life
- Morten Hein: Estonian Sound Recordings of 1939 Recorded by Skandinavisk Grammophon A/S

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