CD Raimo Kangro. Displays

CD Raimo Kangro. Displays

Double-CD including a 13-part series of musical portraits

Estonian Music Information Centre 2004
Price: 15.00 €

The set includes 2 CD-s with the music of Estonian composer Raimo Kangro – 12 Displays are a series of character pieces, written from 1991 to 2000. Each of them portrays either a figure from the history of music, or some mythic or mystic character, or a phenomenon. The twelve pieces of the series have been written for various chamber ensembles, some of them for orchestra.

Raimo Kangro (1949–2001) was one of the most productive and powerful creators in Estonian music. The CD booklet includes an overview of his work and programme notes on Displays in Estonian, English and German.

CD 1:

1    Display I: Portrait of Steve Reich (1991)   8.16
Mati Mikalai (piano), Kai Ratassepp (piano), Anto Õnnis, Vambola Krigul, Madis Metsamart, Rein Roos (percussion)

2    Display II: Portrait of  Mozart (1991)          6.23
Nata-Ly Sakkos (piano), Toivo Peäske (piano), Mati Mikalai (piano), Kai Ratassepp (piano)

3    Display III: Portrait of Vivaldi (1992)        10.35
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conductor Risto Joost

4    Display IV: Portrait of an Unknown Musician (1992) 6.35
Mihkel Peäske (flute), Leho Karin (cello), Ene Nael (cembalo)

5    Display V, Portrait of Angel (1993)             11.10
Mati Mikalai (piano), Kai Ratassepp (piano), Mihkel Peäske (flute), Toomas Vavilov (clarinet)

6    Display VI, Portrait of Ufonaut (1994)       12.04
Ene Nael (cembalo), Reinut Tepp (cembalo)

7    Display VII, Portrait of Pilgrim (1994)       10.27
Mati Mikalai (piano), Kai Ratassepp (piano), Anto Õnnis, Vambola Krigul, Madis Metsamart, Rein Roos (percussion)

CD 2:

1    Display VIII, Portrait of Schubert (1995)   13.12
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Olari Elts

2    Display IX, Trumpets of Jericho (1997)     10.46
 NYYD Ensemble, conductor Olari Elts

3    Display X, Perpetuum Mobile (1998)         10.07
Janika Lentsius (flute piccolo), Andrei Sedler (tuba), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Paul Mägi

4    Display XI, A Bent Lyre (2000)                    5.47  
Bowed Piano Ensemble, Artistic director Timo Steiner

5    Display XII, Balls                                           4.44
 Anto Õnnis (marimba), Andrus Rannaääre (piano)

Published in 2004
In Estonian, English and German
Text: Evi Arujärv
Translation: Maarja Kangro, Gerhard Lock
Design: Everi Vähi
Editor: Kaja Irjas
Publisher: Estonian Music Information Centre