Anti Marguste

05.08.1931 - 12.01.2016
  • rustic style inspired by Estonian folk song regilaul
  • vigorous rhythmic pulse, modal and chromatic tonality, heterophony and
    polyphony, variant and variational development, impulses from Estonian
    classical fiction, folksy humour
  • orchestral music, instrumental concertos, chamber music, choral songs

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Publishers: Edition 49, SP Muusika

The Estonian Cultural Endowment's award 2011 to Anti Marguste (01.02.2012)
Pärnu City Orchestra’s concerts Anti Marguste 80 (13.09.2011)
Anti Marguste 80 – opera evening “Monologues” (03.08.2011)

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Anti Marguste
Photo: Kalju Suur