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Aints, Tauno

TA 012 16 songs from the TV series "Buratino is Back" (2002-2005)
Instrumentation: voice or voices, piano
1. Song of Buratino and His Friends
2. Cleaning Song
3. Electricity Disappeared Today
4. Tõnn Is Buying the Horse
5. Computer Freak’s Song
6. Duremar's Rock
7. Missing Teddy-bear
8. Song of Homeless Dog
9. Favourite Band’s Collection
10. Pierrot’s Snow Song
11. Skeleton’s Seafaring
12. Island of Pirates
13. Dish-washing Song
14. Malvinah’s Sad Song
15. Going to Restaurant
16. Mysterious Closet

Text: Wimberg (in Estonian)
16 songs from the TV series "Buratino is Back"

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