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Ester Mägi

  • lyrical and dramatic mode of expression, national colouring, modern devices
  • Estonian folk song as material and structural model, heterophony and
    polyphony, modal and tonal harmony, variant and variational development,
    dynamic form shaping
  • choral music, solo songs, chamber music, orchestral works

Publishers: Eres Edition, Edition 49, SP Muusika, Sikorski
Distributer of unpublished works: Estonian Music Information Centre


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CD Märt-Matis Lill. Lines in Silence
CD Terra incognita
CD All-Estonian Girls' Choir Leelo 20
CD Peegel peeglis

Kõrvits, Tõnu
Kreek’s Notebook, for mixed choir and string orchestra
Grigorjeva, Galina
In Paradisum, for mixed choir
Rannap, Rein
Piano Music, for piano
Uusberg, Pärt
Õhtu ilu (Beauty of the Evening), for mixed choir