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Youth and children music festival „Muusikamoos” on March 22–29 in Pärnu

The 7th youth and children music festival, organized by Pärnu Philharmony and Pärnu Concert will take place on March 22–29 in Pärnu.

In the festival, soloists of the Tallinn Music High School and Pärnu City Orchestra under conducting of Jüri Alperten will perform. Composer Tiit Kikas will present puppet films Miriam’s Colors, Carrot Summer and others. For the friends of choir music, the Narva Schoolchoir and the Boys’ Choir of Pärnu Art House will be singing. Andrus Kallastu and Repoo Ensemble will perform pieces composed by children.

For the closing of festival, on March 29, in theatre Endla a brand new musical „Kiviaja Kalle” by Leelo Tungal and composer Piret Rips will be premiered, performers are young musicians and actors of Pärnu Art House.


The festival also includes two workshops for youth and children: tips for music video production will be given on March 19–22 by the team of Cinema Bus and a composing workshop for children in Pärnu Town Hall will be held on March 24–26.


Festival program: Pärnu Philharmony website

Malle Maltis