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X Tallinn Chamber Music Festival

From August 21 to 31, Tallinn Chamber Music Festival will be held for the 10th time in Tallinn. The jubilee festival will be presenting 11 concerts, additionally, on August 20 to 21, free concerts at the Freedom Square from 12 pm until 18 pm will be held, where various Estonian music students, ensembles and choirs will be perform. 

The festival begins with gala concert on August 21 at 7 pm at House of the Blackheads, featuring  Mari Tampere-Bezrodny (violin), Ivari Ilja (piano), Pille Lill (soprano), Oliver Kuusik (tenor), Atlan Karp (baritone), Kristina Kriit (violin), Sigrid Kuulmann-Martin (violin), Andreas Lend (cello), Johanna Vahermägi (viola), Neeme Ots (trumpet), Irina Zahharenkova (piano), Madis Kari (clarinet), Marko Martin (piano) and Piia Paemurru (piano).

The program of the festival also includes concerts of Atlan Karp (baritone), Neeme Ots (trumpet) and Irina Zahharenkova (piano); Arete Teemets (soprano) and Oliver Kuusik (tenor) with early music ensemble Ausonia (Belgium); Tenso Europe Chamber Choir with conductor Kaspars Putniņš; Oksana Sinkova (flute) and Tatjana Lepnurm (harp); Johanna Vahermägi (viola) with Amael Piano Trio (Slovenia); Petr Nouzovsky (cello, Czech) and Andreas Lend (cello); Anna-Liisa Bezrodny (violin), Jan-Erik Gustavsson (cello, Finland) and Marko Martin (piano); Sigrid Kuulmann-Martin (violin), Oksana Sinkova (flute), Madis Kari (clarinet) and Ralf Taal (piano); Agata Igras–Sawicka (flute, Poland), Andreas Lend (cello) and Mariusz Rutkowski (piano, Poland) and Kristina Kriit (violin), Johanna Vahermägi (viola), Andreas Lend (cello) and Ralf Taal (piano).
Cellists Petr Nouzovsky (Czech) and Andreas Lend will premiere Timo Steiner’s cello duo on August 27 at 7 pm at Köismäe Tower.

The concerts of the festival will take place at Town Hall, Hopner House, House of the Blackheads, St John’s and St Michael’s Swedish Church and Köismäe Tower.

The organizer of the festival is Pille Lill Music Fund.

More information: Tallinn Chamber Music Festival.