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Welt gebaut ist - Portrait concert of Andrus Kallastu

On Tuesday, March 6 at 7 pm, Andrus Kallastu’s portrait concert ’Welt gebaut ist’ is held in Tallinn St. Nicholas church.

The concert program includes works like Welt gebaut ist (play of love and war) for instrumental ensemble, Amor-mors (2009), Elegical Trope (2010) and Flute Trope from 2012.
The music will be performed by Repoo Ensemble with Kai Kallastu (soprano), Leonora Palu (fute), Aare Tammesalu (cello), Jorma Toots (piano), the conductor is Andrus Kallastu, and ensemble Resonabilis with Iris Oja (mezzo soprano), Tarmo Johannes (flute), Kristi Mühling (kannel) and Aare Tammesalu (cello).

In music of Andrus Kallastu, two periods of style can be noticed. Most of his works, written at the time of conservatoire (1985–1990), bear influences of modality and express the spirit of neoclassicism that at the time was characteristic to a large part of Estonian music. In decisive year of 1990, besides several significant events in Estonian society, as well as in his personal life, also a remarkable change in style of Kallastu’s music started to emerge. In this decade he was intensively studying music by Arnold Schönberg and the Second Viennese School composers. Additionally, he acquired strong influences while studying in Helsinki, Finland. The first works of new spirit were composed in late 1990s. These works are characterized by serial texture, sound-field technique, groping the boundaries of musical sound and noise. Many of his works speak of intention to interconnect music and various types of arts and interest of performance art.