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The edited scores of Artur Lemba have been published

The best chamber music of the Estonian composer Artur Lemba (1885–1963) stood in the silence of the museum for a long time among the old manuscripts; now these works are published by Estonian Music Information Centre.

Freshly edited works are:

Piano Trio No. 1 (1929) – the work is carried by the romantic momentum of its first and last movements between which there is a slow and lyrical slow part.

Piano Trio No. 2 (1935) – an exuberant composition brimming with romantic sentiment, with the poignant first movement and the dance-like style.

Piano Quartet (1938) – the work is carried by romantic pathos and intense polyphonic development.

Piano Quintet (1946) – an exciting masterpiece with a romantic sound, where unexpected modulations with dramatic nuances intersect with polyphonic intelligence and virtuoso piano perception.

The music engraver was the masterful Mari Amor, and the editing work was done by Evi Arujärv. The result of intensive care has now gone on sale in the EMIC online store.

Previously, EMIC has released Artur Lemba's Symphony No. 1 (known to be the first in its genre in Estonia) and a beautiful Piano Concerto, which was successfully performed at the Pärnu Music Festival with the soloist Mihkel Poll. In addition to Estonia, Lemba's works published by EMIC also reached the USA and Great Britain, Japan and France last year, as well as the briefcase of several foreign conductors of the Järvi Academy.