Tamula Fire Collage

Tamula Fire Collage

2 CD-s of Peeter Vähi's music

SALUMuusik 1999

disc 1
1. The Flutish Kingdom
2. Being and Nothingness in Kostabi's Atelier

disc 2
1. Fate
2. 2000 Years After the Birth of Christ

Performed by: Neeme Punder (flutes), Madis Metsamart (percussion), a nightingale of Estonoan forests, Peeter Vähi (keyboards), English Hanbell Ensemble "Arsis" (conductor Aivar Mäe), the bass group of Estonian National Male Choir (conductor Kristjan Järvi), Siiri Sisask (vocal), the soloists of Estonian NAtional Symphony Orchestra, Mongush Mergen (vocal), Kirile Loo (vocal), Tuule Kann (psaletry), Margus Rohumägi (reed pipe, vocal), Peter Finger (acoustic guitar), Igor Tõnurist (jew's harp, vocal), Boris Salchak (vocal, shaman drum), Kaia Urb (vocal), Early Music Consort Hortus Musicus (conductor Andres Mustonen), The Bad Orchestra