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René Eespere author’s evening „Fratres – LX“

In honor of composer René Eespere who celebrates his 60th birthday on Saturday, author’s concert „Fratres – LX“ will take place on December 14 at 7 pm in Tallinn House of Blackheads. Composer has chosen the following program to the concert:
Dies natalis (premiere)
Sententiae veteres
Curriculum annorum
Carmina gaudii et tristitiae (premiere of the full work)
Concerto for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra
Respectus (premiere)
Epigram VIII – De umbra (premiere of the orchestral version)
Concerto No. 2 for Flute and Chamber Orchestra

Author’s music will be performed by ensemble Hortus Musicus under the direction of Andres Mustonen and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Paul Mägi, also Aurelia Eespere (soprano), Indrek Vau (trumpet), Heili Rosin (flute), Olev Ainomäe (oboe), Eda Peäske (harp), Anto Õnnis (percussion), Rein Roos (percussion) and Ivo Sillamaa (celesta). Concert will be broadcast live on Klassikaraadio.

In December, also a new double-CD Respectus will be released by Estonian Record Productions. CD contains Eespere’s works for solo guitar and ensemble works with guitar. Performers are guitarists Tiit Peterson, Heiki Mätlik, Esteban Colucci, Donato D´Antonio, Kristo Käo, Vahur Kubja and Eleftheria Kotzia as well as Neeme Punder (flute), Heili Rosin (flute), Harry Traksmann (violin), Aurelia Eespere (soprano), Anto Õnnis (vibraphone) and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra (conductor Paul Mägi).

  René Eespere
  Photo: Gert Kelu
Composer and pedagogue René Eespere who has made his name in Estonian music history with widely beloved children’s songs, patriotic choral songs („Ärkamise aeg” [The Time of Awakening], „Kodu on püha” [Home is Holy]), with numerous piano and chamber music works and concertos for different instruments as viola, cello, flute, violin, clarinet, guitar and trumpet. Eespere has been awarded the annual ESSR Music Award (1989), the 4th class Order of the White Star (2001), the Live and Shine Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2001–2002), the Annual Prize of Endowment for Music of Culture Endowment of Estonia (2008) and the Estonian Music Council Prize (2011).

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