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Presentation concerts of the 2nd album of solo songs by Mart Saar

At the beginning of January, the 2nd CD „Bog Bard with the Worldview“ of solo songs by Estonian composer Mart Saar was released. Volume II features composer’s art and folk songs performed by mezzo-soprano Iris Oja, baritone Atlan Karp and pianist Kadri-Ann Sumera. Eight songs out of 34 are first recordings. Songs were recorded at the Tubin Hall in Tartu, the sound engineer was Martin Hein.

In the future, it is planned to release a five-piece record set, which, with a few exceptions, covers the entire Saar’s solo songs. The first CD, released in 2018, includes 33 songs, performed by Iris Oja and Kadri-Ann Sumera as well as baritone Taavi Tampuu.

Mart Saar (1882–1963) was one of the first real professional composers in Estonia and Estonian most fruitful songwriter. His more than 150 solo songs include music in all sorts of styles, borrowings and adaptations of folk music, both sophisticated and simple. All of these very different works are characterized by ingenuity, the subtlety of detail and eternal searching spirit. Many of Saar's songs have found their place in the repertoire of Estonian singers, but in addition to well-known and beloved songs, he also has many that have been overshadowed so far.

Presentation concerts of the second album of solo songs by Mart Saar will take place on March 10 at the Estonian Theater and Music Museum in Tallinn, March 17 at Viljandi Music School and March 19 at Korp! Ugala (Fraternity Ugala), the fraternal organization of Estonian higher education students in Tartu.

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