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Premiere of Liisa Hirsch in the USA

On December 19, Liisa Hirsch’s Four Glides (2015) for projection and 8 players will be premiered in New York. Piece will be performed by the new music collective S.E.M. Ensemble (artistic director and conductor Petr Kotik) at its traditional holiday concert in Paula Cooper Gallery, where the evening features contemporary works along with rarely heard early music. Concert presents the U.S premieres of works by Alvin Lucier and Pavel Jan Vejvanovsky, program includes also Iannis Xenakis, Eli Greenhoe , Pavel Jan Vejvanovsky and Petr Kotik.
  S.E.M. Ensemble

Hirsch piece is based on the special technique „gliding“ founded by composer herself, previously 4 Glides for Eleven, 4 Glides for Five and 4 Glides for Six (2014) has been performed in the same series of works.

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