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Pärnu Contemporary Music Days

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2016 explores connections between word and music from three aspects: written word and music, revelational word and music, and spoken word and music.

The symposium held in the framework of Pärnu Contemporary Music Days from 15–16 January in Pärnu (Estonia) focuses on the interrelated topics of words, music and performance. The keynote speech is given by Esa Lilja (University of Helsinki) whose main research interests cover classical heavy metal as well as the extended forms of (progressive) rock music.

On Janyary 15 at 7 pm, concert of the contemporary music workshop for interpreters will take place
in Pärnu Old Town Elementary School, performers are the members of Repoo Ensemble: Leonora Palu (flute), Indrek Palu (violin), Aare Tammesalu (cello), Kristi Mühlingi (kannel), Jorma Toots (piano) and Andrus Kallastu (conductor).

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days will end with the performance „Word and music“ in Pärnu Old Town Elementary School, with the participation of all participants.

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