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New scores in EMIC Music Store

Vocal and choral works of Maria Kõrvits (1987), the winner of the youth category at the Rostrum of Composers held in 2016, can be now purchased through the EMIC Music Store. The newest songs for mixed choir – „Aquarelle II“ and „Aquarelle III“ were commissioned and first performed by the Estonian chamber choirs Head Ööd, Vend and Kolm Lindu.

Other works in the EMIC Music Store by Maria Kõrvits include:
„I Am Calling to You“ (2018) for male choir
„It Was I“ (2014) for mixed choir
„Ripples in the Sky“ (2014) for string quartet
„Seven Haikus for Voice, Piano and Cello“ (2018)
„The Sky Has Been Silent for Days“ (2015) for female choir
„What a Day, What a Night“ (2015) for mixed choir

Maria Kõrvits. Photo by Sadu-Triste juurikas

Another new scores in EMIC Music Store:
  • „Farewell to Normandy“ (2017) for quitar, „Singing Over the Sea“ (2006, arrangement of saxophone piece) for clarinet, and „Song of the Lakes“ (2019) for soprano saxophone and string quartet by Tõnu Kõrvits
  • „Stream“ (2018) for oboe and „Chant“ (2009) for piano by Lauri Jõeleht
  • „The Same Sea“ (2019) for mixed choir or vocal ensemble by Evelin Seppar
  • „Ruins of Hara Hoto“ (2011) for Estonian kannel, solo percussion, and symphony orchestra by Märt-Matis Lill