Music News

Multimedia concert in KUMU art museum

On May 29 at 7 p.m, concert titled as “Vool” (“Flow”) from the series “KuMu KUMUS” – “Art and Music in Art Museum” will take place in Kumu Art Museum Auditorium. Mariliis Valkonen’s “Bedtime story” for Estonian zither (kannel), accordion and flute will be premiered. The programme includes also Tatjana Kozlova’s “Changeable” (“Muutlik”), Mirjam Tally’s “Flow” (“Vool”), Luciano Berio’s “Sequenza XIII”, John Cage’s “In a landscape”, Esa-Pekka Salonen’s “Yta I” and Toshio Hosokawa’s “Birds fragments III”.

Contemporary chamber music will be performed by Kristi Mühling (kannel), Sirje Mõttus (accordion) and Tarmo Johannes (flute). Video-installations inspired by that particular music and instruments have been created by multimedia artists Riina Maidre and Maksim Shurin.

Concert is organised by Association of Estonian Professional Musicians.