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Jaan Rääts was ascribed The Lifetime Achievement Award

Jaan Rääts
Photo: Harri Rospu

Yesterday, Estonian National Culture Foundation handed over the Lifetime Achievement Awards that were ascribed to artist Valli Lember-Bogatkina, interior decorator Leila Pärtelpoeg and composer Jaan Rääts. Stipendiums of 3,500 euros were given over at the festive concert in Tallinn House of Brotherhood of the Black Heads.

The Sinebrychoff Estonia Foundation Award for the best debut of the cultural year was given to Sven Sosnitski for his successful participation at the international rostrum for composers in Vienna where his work Solara was awarded the 3rd prize in the category of composers under 30.

Estonian National Culture Foundation set aside 133,724 euros for scholarships and grants at the twenty-second disbursement. The Foundation received 468 applications for a total amount of 454,137 euros and 47 cents. The Supervisory Board approved 213 applications for a total amount of 114,411 euros and 88 cents. Grants for creative and research work were awarded to 83 individuals, scholarships for academic studies and supplementary education were granted to 117 individuals, and 17 cultural projects received support.