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Izumi Tateno premieres new piano work by Urmas Sisask

On Saturday, August 11 at 6 pm, Eivere Manor House (Paide, Estonia) hosts a concert of piano music, where Japanese pianist Izumi Tateno performs works by J. S. Bach, A. Scriabin and others, and a new piano work for left hand by Urmas Sisask will be premiered. The concert is free but the amount of seat places is limited.

J. S. Bach - J. Brahms: Chaconne for the Left Hand
A. Scriabin: Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand op. 9
U. Sisask: "Eivere stars" for the Left Hand op. 142 (World premiere)

Izumi Tateno was born in 1936 in Tokyo, lived since 1964 in Finland and was in the years 1968–1981 teacher at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. He is presently the president of the Sibelius Society of Japan.
On January 9, 2002 Tateno collapsed on stage with an apoplectic stroke. It was right after the last piece at his recital in Finland. It resulted in a paralysis of the right half of his body. After concentrating on continuous rehabilitation, Tateno returned to concert activities and performed recitals throughout Japan in May 2004, playing with only his left hand. His passion for music has moved people and he has been capturing people’s attention since then. Various magazines and TV programmes have taken up his life. Currently, he continues solo activities only with the left hand, and a number of new pieces for the left hand have been written for him by composers who were touched by his activities.
Most active composers as Michio Mamiya, P. H. Nordgren, Hikaru Hayashi, Yasuo Sueyoshi, Takashi Yoshimatsu, and Kensaku Tanikawa have dedicated their original works to his left hand. The music pieces he worked on as if following water vein of his life give audience unforgettable impression, being backed with his calmly burning love for music.