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Improvised music and dance at the Pärnu Contemporary Art Museum

On Sunday, February 26 at 14, a concert of impovised music and dance will be held at the Pärnu Contemporary Art Museum in the concert series Abonement 007 of Pärnu Opera. The improvisers are Anto Pett (piano), Leonora Palu (flute), Indrek Palu (violin) and Raido Mägi (dance). The artistic director of the series is composer and conductor Andrus Kallastu.

Pianist and composer Anto Pett, Professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), has been teaching free improvisation for many years and has developed his own methodology of music improvisation teaching. He has lead a number masterclasses in Europe and has founded instrumental music and dance ensemble ProImpro.

Flutist Leonora Palu has won a prize at free improvisation contest in Leipzig 2002. Now she teaches free improvisation at the Pärnu Music School.

Indrek Palu is violinist, playing also electric violin, and a student of composition and electronic music at the EAMT.

Dancer Raido Mägi is also known as choreographer. He also teaches improvisation and composition at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

The abonnement tickets (21 €) for all concerts in the spring 2012 are available at Piletimaailm and Piletilevi, single tickets (7 €) are sold at the concert place half an hour befor the concert.

More info: Pärnu Opera