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Hugo Lepnurm 95

On October 31, 95 years will pass since the birth of Estonian organist, composer and pedagogue, maestro Hugo Lepnurm. More than 50 years, the remaining and preserving of Estonian organ music was connected with his name. Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) celebrates the 95th anniversary with concert on October 31 at the EAMT Organ Hall at 14 pm. Besides music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel, students of Prof Andres Uibo’s organ class will also perform Lepnurm’s choral preludes.

Hugo Lepnurm

Hugo Lepnurm (1914–1999) studied at the Tallinn Conservatoire in 1928–1933 in the organ class of August Topman and furthered his skills with Marcel Dupré and Joseph Gilles in Paris where he also listened the lessons of Olivier Messiaen at Schola Cantorum. Additonally, Lepnurm studied in Tallinn percussion and composition (with Artur Kapp). His solo career as organist started in 1934. Lepnurm was a longtime organ pedagogue at Tallinn State Conservatoire (since 1945 professor). Among his pupils there are Rolf Uusväli, Andres Uibo, Ines Maidre, Piret Aidulo, Toomas Trass, Ene Salumäe, Aare-Paul Lattik et al.

Being one of the leading organist in Eastern Europe, he gave concerts both in concert halls (in Estonia and abroad) and little village churches. His repretoire included early and Baroque music to romantic era, also Estonian organ music. As a composer, Lepnurm wrote several cantatas, organ and piano concerto, choral and solo songs and chamber music, including a lot of pieces for organ. He published also articles and wrote books about organ.

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