Soul Birds

Soul Birds

Song Cycle by Rein Rannap

Klaveripoeg 2011

1. In the Morning
2. Birdsong Laden Sky
3. Playful Angels
4. Heavenly Father on a Cloud Pillow
5. House of Sorrow
6. Into the Milky Way Gravel
7. You're Flying, Birds
8. Soul Bird Sleeps
9. Life Shadow - Death Shadow
10. Moon's Sorrow
11. Thousands of Paths in the Sky
12. Snowflakes
13. Soft Cloud - Lambs
14. All My Days
15. Heavenly Light
16. Come out Below the Stars
17. My Thoughts
18. The Moon Cannot Make It
19. The Earth Is Heavy
20. Song of Old Walls
21. Dreams Are Tired
22. Black Birds
23. Like a Child

Performers: Estonian Television Children's and Toddlers' Choir, soloists Bonzo & Kaisa Padur, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conductor Toomas Vavilov

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