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Helena Tulve's new opera "Wölfe" to be premiered in Germany

The documentary nature opera "Wölfe" ("Wolves") by composer Helena Tulve will premiere on June 24 at the Mecklenburg State Theatre in Schwerin. The stage work was commissioned by the Mecklenburg State Theatre with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. The director and librettist of the opera is Nina Gühlstorff, the music director is the well-known opera conductor Eckehard Stier. Nina Gühlstorff compiled the libretto on the basis of numerous interviews with wolf experts, farmers, forestry and hunting experts and politicians. Among the interviewees was Helen Arusoo, a valued wolf specialist from Estonia.

Rehearsal of the opera "Wölfe". Photo: Helena Tulve

  Helena Tulve. Photo: Kaupo Kikkas

According to composer Helena Tulve, the more general content of the opera is the coexistence of man and nature and the journey of inner change of the human. The opera opens the topic through the question of the "wolf", through different attitudes and views. The wolf is also an archetypal character in a deeper sense – the wolf as a metaphor for our inner savagery. Contacts to wolves evokes conflicting feelings and reactions in humans, such as fears from distant times, but also admiration.

Soloists are Morgane Heyse, Itziar Lesaka, Martin Gerke, Nicholas Isherwood, Marius Pallesen, Cornelia Zink and Markus Sung-Keun Park. The new stage work will be performed seven times: on June 24 and 26, and on July 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10. The theatre offers the opportunity to peek behind the scenes already on June 21, which will include both a lecture and an orchestral rehearsal at an event introducing the opera.

More info: Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater