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Estonian vocal and chamber music in Winter Garden

On February 12, at 7 p.m. concert „In Estonian Language, in Estonian Mind” will take place in Estonian National Opera Winter Garden where Estonian vocal and chamber music will be performed. Concert programme includes solo songs by Mart Saar, Eduard Tubin, Juhan Aavik, Eino Tamberg and Olav Ehala and flute music by Heino Eller. Also songs well-known to wider audience - “Flying Towards the Beehive” by Peep Sarapik, “Time of Awakening” by René Eespere and “Prayer” by Tõnis Mägi – will be performed.
Concert will be given by soloists of Estonian National Opera Kristina Vähi (soprano) and René Soom (baritone) with Janika Lentsius (flute) and Tarmo Eespere (piano).