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Estonian State Awards to Veljo Tormis and Sven Grünberg


On February 3, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves signed a decision to give state awards ahead of the Independence Day to 97 people at home and abroad. State awards are recognition for special services to the state of Estonia, as well as for those whose creativity has enriched the cultural life of Estonia.

As a recognition for his life-time work as choral composer the 1st Class State Order goes to composer Veljo Tormis, who has been able to give with his music a new breath of Estonian and Baltic peoples heritage, their ancient folklore, and who has pointed out that self cognition and understanding is essential to maintaining balance and vitality.

For fruitful creativity and enriching the cultural life of Estonia, the 4th Class White Star Order is awarded to composer Sven Grünberg.

Malle Maltis