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Estonian Music Days Festival to begin

Estonian Music Days takes place from April 1–7. This year’s festival focus is Juxtapositions: new music of South and North Estonia, old and new Estonian music, music written by foreigners living in Estonia and Estonians living abroad will be examined side by side. Compared to previous years, the program consists of record-shattering number of composers and premieres.

The symphonic concert on April 5 presents new work by Tõnu Kõrvits. On April 3, documentary of beloved composer Eino Tamberg will be screened. On April 6, the recital of oboe player Riivo Kallasmaa will take place. Additionally the program includes the traditional mammoth concert, students concerts, chamber music and choral concerts, forum of culture and more.

Festival’s ’warming up’ event Estonian Music Days CHOIR Appearance will take place already on March 31 in Tallinn House of Brotherhood of Black Heads, where 11 new choral works by Timo Steiner, Liis Viira, Mari Amor, Raul Sööt, Kristo Matson, Mariliis Valkonen, Olav Ehala, Age Veeroos and Margo Kõlar will be first performed. Concert will be broadcast live on Klassikaraadio.

Estonian Music Days is organised by Estonian Composers’ Union, the artistic directors are Timo Steiner and Ülo Krigul.

Info and program: