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Estonian music and musicians at the festival Via Baltica


Kristo Käo

Festival Via Baltica, celebrating the remembrance of the Baltic Way, takes place from August 22 to 31 in cities of Latvia – Liepāja and Kuldīga. Festival program consists of master classes, exhibition, discussions and chamber concerts by Lavian, Lithuanian, Estonian, French, Spanish and Russian artists.

On August 23, duo Leonaora Palu (flute) and Kristo Käo (guitar) perform the concert „Under the Northern Sky“ in Liepāja Museum. Program consists of music by René Eespere, Peeter Vähi, Urmas Sisask, Raimo Kangro and Lepo Sumera.

On August 24, Galina Grigorjeva’s Molitva can be listened in Kuldīga St. Catherine Church, where Latvian musician Artis Sīmanis (saxophone), Kristīne Adamaite (organ) and Kristīne Gailīte (soprano) will give a concert.

Festival is organised by cultural organization Via Cultura.
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