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Estonian Language Day Concert

On March 14 at 6 p.m. Estonian Language Day Concert will take place in Rapla Culture Centre where the Estonian music will be performed by different Estonian choirs, soloists and ensembles. Concert’s patron Mrs Ingrid Rüütel will also take the floor. Concert will be broadcasted live on Klassikaraadio.

Estonian Language Day Concert’s performers are: Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium mixed choir and mixed choir Cantus (conductor Vahur Soonberg), Mitte-Riinimanda mixed choir (conductor Urve Uusberg), Rapla Singing Studio girls’ choir and Raplamaa Youth Male Choir (conductor Thea Paluoja). Their programme consists of choral music by Peeter Süda, Cyrillus Kreek, Ester Mägi, Konstantin Türnpu, Gustav Ernesaks, Veljo Tormis, Evald Aav and Pärt Uusberg.
Alo Mattiisen’s „5 songs from the time of awakening” will be performed by Estonian Defence Forces Mixed Choir, Alo EXP Group, Mikk Dede, Kristjan Kasearu and Mirjam Dede. Concert will end with Chalice’s „My people”, performed by the author and joint choir with Veronika Portsmuth conducting.

Concert is organised by Estonian Mixed Choirs’ Union.

Mariliis Valkonen