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International Contemporary Music Festival Afekt

The International Contemporary Music Festival Afekt taking place from October 28 to November 5 in Tallinn and Tartu will feature Ensemble U:, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Ensemblekollektiv Berlin (Germany), Ensemble Fractales (Belgium), and Ensemble Mosaik (Germany) among others. Festival presents music by Helena Tulve, Marianna Liik, Elo Masing, Kristjan Kõrver, Mari Vihmand, Andrus Kallastu, Sylvain Marty (France), Enno Poppe (Germany), and Mark Barden (USA) among others.

The symphony concert with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra on November 1 will present the philosophical and aesthetic common elements and differences of the festival’s central composers, Toshio Hosokawa (Japan) and Märt-Matis Lill. The programme also includes the work by Olga Neuwirth (Austria) and premiere of „Darkness and Deeper Dark“ by Maria Kõrvits. One of the most prestigious and demanded contemporary music conductors in the world, Clement Power (UK) will debut with ENSO as the conductor.

The Artistic Director of the festival Afekt is Monika Mattiesen.

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