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Conference „Explaining universe – systems, humans and arts“ is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of composer Udo Kasemets

Udo Kasemets (1919–2014) has jokingly been referred to as the most famous unknown composer from Estonia. Every respected music dictionary contains at least one article concerning him. In Canada, where he spent the main part of his creative life, he was named „the most uncompromising musician in the history of Canadian music“. His influence on musical life, especially in Toronto, played a significant role in the development of experimental and contemporary music. In particular, Kasemets introduced theories inspired by John Cage, Marshall McLuhan, and Buckminster Fuller to the Canadian musical sphere. The influence he has held on following generations is hard to over-estimate. However, in Estonia Kasemets’ music has been played very little and the knowledge concerning his activities is not wide spread.

To fill this gap, as well as to celebrate Udo Kasemets’ 100th birthday (November 16, 2019), ensemble U: in collaboration with The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is organizing the conference „Explaining Universe – Systems, Humans and Arts”. During the conference we will introduce Kasemets’ music, ideas, and background. In connection with the conference, two concerts will take place in Kanuti Gildi SAAL and The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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