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Concert „rePRESSION“ of ensemble Resonabilis


Photo: Mait Jüriado
  One of the Estonian original new music ensembles Resonabilis (Iris Oja – voice, Kristi Mühling – kannel, Tarmo Johannes – flute, Aare Tammesalu – cello) will give the third concert within the series „rePRESSION“ on December 5 at 5 pm at Writers’ House in Tallinn. The concerts features several new works composed this year by composers from Ireland, Ukraine, Estonia and South-African Republic.

John Buckley’s (Ireland) Two Haikus for solo kannel, Ludmila Samodaieva’s (Ukraine) Im Frueling for voice, kannel and cello (text: Georg Takl), Michael Blake’s (South African Republic) ... only the song of the birds for voice, flute, kannel and cello and Robert Jürjendal’s EGO for flute, kannel and cello (text: John McLaughlin) will receive world premiere. Additionally, Rubato for any ensemble (1975) by Finnish composer Jukka Tiensuu will be performed.

The title of the concert „rePRESSION“ means the pressure on the ensemble itself as well as the composers to expand the repertoire of the ensemble.

Ensemble Resonabilis (resonabilis lat. – ringing, sounding) was founded in 2002 by Tarmo Johannes and Kristi Mühling. It consists of an unique combination of instruments – voice, flute, cello and kannel. Kannel is a string instrument spread in the Baltic countries and Finland under different names and forms. Kannel resembles to some extent to German Zither or Turkish kanun. Thanks to its flexibility and sound qualities, kannel blends notably well with the classical instruments, opening thus a new road for further development in the contemporary music. The ensemble is constantly extending its repertoire in co-operation with different composers.