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Composer recital „In Paradisum“ of Galina Grigorjeva and CD presentation

On April 13, composer recital entitled In Paradisum of Galina Grigorjeva and new CD presentation of Grigorjeva’s works will be held at Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn at 7 pm. Music will be peformed by Estonian National Male Choir under the guidance of its chief conductor Mikk Üleoja and cellist Allar Kaasik. This concert belongs to the series of European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The program of the concert consists of choral cycle “Nox vitae” (text: Innokenti Annenski, 2006), „Diptych“ (text: Russian Orthodox canonic texts, 2011), “In Paradisum” (text: liturgical, 2012) and premiere of “Molitva’s” (“The Prayer”) new version for male choir and cello (written specially for Estonian National Male Choir, 2013). The program also features world premiere performance of brand new work “Bog Gospod’” (“God Is the Lord”) for male choir and cello (text: Pslam 117, 2014).

Besides the before-named works “Nox vitae”, Ditych”, “In Paradisum” and “Molitva”, the first author-CD of Galina Grigorjeva also includes solo sonata “Recitativo accompagnato” for cello (2003). These pieces have been recorded in 2012–2014 and the CD is released by Estonian National Male Choir.