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Chamber Choir Voces Musicales celebrates its 20th anniversary with the music of Arvo Pärt and Pärt Uusberg

Chamber Choir Voces Musicales. Photo by Mait Jüriado

Chamber Choir Voces Musicales will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 14 at 6 p.m. at the St. John’s Church in Tallinn. The concert will present the music of Arvo Pärt and Pärt Uusberg and will be performed by Voces Musicales and the string orchestra.

The programme conducted by Risto Joost includes "Silouan’s Song" and „Adam’s Lament" by Arvo Pärt and Pärt Uuusberg’s choral work „Et kiitke Jumalat, kes on nii helde“ as well as his new work „Kiituselaul“ for choir and string orchestra. „Kiituselaul“ is based on the text of the Estonian poet Ernst Enno and on the Psalms of David (translated into Estonian by Vello Salo and Indrek Hirv).

Chamber choir Voces Musicales, founded in 1999 by Risto Joost, has become a high-level choir with an established and unique place in the Estonian musical life. The repertoire of Voces Musicales includes works in diverse genres from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary music and also many important classical repertoire pieces.

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