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Baltic Music Festival in China

The first festival to introduce music of Baltic states in China takes place from October 25 to November 22. More than half of the festival program presents Estonian music. The performers are Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Arsis Handbell Ensemble, Cello Quartet C-JAM and pianist Rein Rannap, who will give alltogether 20 concerts. Performers were selected by the delegacy of China Association of Performing Arts during the visit to Baltic countries.

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir will give concerts in Beijing (25.10), Jinan (28.10), Xuzhou (31.10), Shanghai (1.11), Foshan (2.11) and Guangzhou (3.11), choir’s program consists of music by Arvo Pärt, Cyrillus Kreek, Veljo Tormis and Claude Debussy. Arsis Handbell Ensemble will give also six concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Xuzhou, Guangzhou and separately also Hongkong, performing arrangements of classical music as well as Estonian folks songs and music by Tõnu Kõrvits. C-JAM gives concerts in Beijing (10.11), Jinan (11.11), Shanghai (13.11) and Guangzhou (14.11). Rein Rannap has four recitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Guangzhou.

The concert-tour of Estonian musicians is organised by state concert institute Eesti Kontsert.

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