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Annual Awards of the Estonian Music Council and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

On October 1, International Music Day, the laureates of music awards of the year 2013 were announced. Ceremony took place in Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall that can be watched on the webpage of Estonian National Broadcasting. The performer was Estonian National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paul Mägi. The artistic director of the evening was Ülo Krigul, stage director was Hardi Volmer.

Laureates of Estonian Music Council Music Prizes:

Composition Prize: Sven Grünberg
Interpretation Prize: Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Prize for significant and outstanding activities in music sphere: Tiia Järg

Laureates of the Endowment for Music of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia:
Anna-Liisa Bezrodny – internationally outstanding concert activity
Mart Humal – for the revision of Heino Eller’s symphonies
Hea Muusika Selts – for the contribution in introducing symphonic music to young people
Kristjan Kõrver – for the chamber opera „The Steel Ants“ ( „Raud-Ants“)
Kristiina Poska – for the bright international activities as an opera conductor
Oleg Pissarenko – for the encouraging the jazz music life in Tartu
Mart Laas – for the longtime and effectual work as a cello teacher
Toomas Olljum – for the important contribution in organising Estonian music life
Galina Grigorjeva – for deep and touching music