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Annual awards of the Estonian Choral Association

On January 26, Estonian Choral Association announced the year awards of the Estonian choral and wind music. Tartu Academic Male Choir was recognised as the Choir of the Year and its conductor Alo Ritsing was ascribed also the title of the Conductor of the Year. Acknowledgement came true due to their expansive 100th season with numerous concerts, publishing book and DVD. The Choir of the Year for its contribution to culture sphere is chamber choir Solare, which conductor Elo Üleoja was given the title of Choral Conductor-Music Teacher of the Year.

For the first time, Estonian Choral Association together with Estonian Composers’ Union gave out the award of the Choral Composer of the Year that was assigned to Pärt Uusberg for his fruitful creative year.

The laureates of the annual awards of the Estonian Choral Association are:

- Choir of the Year – Tartu Academic Male Choir (conductor Alo Ritsing) and chamber choir Solare (conductor Elo Üleoja)
- Wind Orchestra of the Year – Georg Ots Tallinn Music School Wind Orchestra (conductor Sirly Illak)
- Conductor of the Year – Alo Ritsing
- Choral Conductor-Music Teacher of the Year – Elo Üleoja
- Young Conductor of the Year – Kaspar Mänd
- Orchestra Conductor of the Year – Lembit Leetna
- Supporters of the Year – Enterprise Estonia and IS Music Team
- Organisers of the Year – Arvi Karotam (chairman of the Estonian Male Song Society, main organiser of the Nordic and Baltic Male Choir Festival) and Riina Roose (concerts of the 130th anniversary of Mart Saar)
- Choral CD of the Year – „Peegel peeglis“ (chamber choir Collegium Musicale, conductor Endrik Üksvärav)
- Deed oh the Year - Nordic and Baltic Male Choir Festival
- Choral Composer of the Year – Pärt Uusberg
- Cooperation Prize – Estonian Public Broadcasting
- Concord Prize – Heidi Pruuli

Over 70 nominees were applying for these 16 title. The selection was made by music council of the Estonian Choral Association who estimated and considered the musical achievements, concert activity, recordings, participations in competitions and contributions to surrounding cultural sphere of the choirs, orchestras and conductors.