Estonian Music Information Centre launched a new webpage and Sheet Music Shop

On September 2, Estonian Music Information Centre launched a new, refreshed webpage, www.emic.ee . Considering positive feedback from the users, general structure and information of the previous webpage was preserved in course of the reconstruction aside adding new contents and information blocks. In addition to other information, EMIC’s renovated webpage represents regular news about the running activities of the Estonian Music Information Centre, a monthly Calendar of Music Events, and detailed instructions for Estonian and foreign professional musicians and amateurs about the possibilities to obtain the scores and recordings of Estonian music

EMIC as an organisation is focused on creative persons – composers and performing artists. Hence, a more attractive and operative representation of personas and an integrative information packages stood out as the most important goals by the reconstruction of the webpage. After the renovation, both the composers’ and performers’ introductory pages offer a possibility to display his or her musical visiting card in form of sound sample of the work or performance. In addition to diverse information, also the composers’ personal work lists include sound samples and, by request of the author, also sheet music extracts or whole scores for free download.

The reconstructed webpage reflects EMIC’s cooperation with Estonian music organisations. With the permission of the Estonian National Broadcasting, an exposition of sound samples became viable. A permanent place in webpage belongs to Music in Estonia, a yearly English language publication of the Estonian Music Council. To connect information about Estonian classical and contemporary music displayed in EMIC’s webpage with high quality performances, Estonian Music Information Centre concluded an agreement with NGO Estonian Music Export managing Netiraadio focused unexceptionally on broadcasting of Estonian music. Beside popular and alternative music, Netiraadio is going to launch a site of classical and contemporary music in near future. Currently, EMIC supports Netiraadio in compiling of the preliminary selection of Estonian classical and contemporary music by permitting access and use of its sound archive.

The most important extension of EMIC’s homepage is the Sheet Music Shop including online ordering and search engines that help performers in finding and selection of repertoire. In addition, arrangements for launching of the online portal have been completed offering payment with the credit card to the foreign customers. As a starting point of the Sheet Music Shop, the pilot project of the distribution of unpublished music was initiated by EMIC, currently being joined by 16 composers with about more than 200 works. The opening of the EMIC’s Sheet Music Shop was impelled by the need to help composers in distribution and artists in performing of unpublished music. EMIC’s distribution of unpublished music is regulated by legal agreements and detailed terms. In distribution activities, EMIC as an organisation funded by Estonian state doesn’t strive for commercial purposes but, in accordance with its constitution and mission, operates as a supportive institution in favour of composers and artists.

Versatile structure of the reconstructed webpage is opened for development including enclosing of new sections and extension of content. Renovation of the webpage continues in nearest months and will be finished at the end of 2011.
EMIC’s webpage was reconstructed in cooperation of the Estonian Music Information Centre and Art Media Agency and supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.