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Toccata Classics continues its exploration of the piano music of Heino Eller with a seventh volume from pianist Sten Lassmann



  Sten Lassmann. Photo: Kaupo Kikkas

Pianist Sten Lassmann is the first to undertake a complete recording of Heino Eller's piano works. A decade ago, he started the series "Heino Eller: Complete Piano Music" with the London-based record company Toccata Classics, the seventh volume is now available.

Heino Eller (1887–1970) was the central figure behind the development of Estonian classical instrumental music. His piano music, a total of 206 works, is not only the largest part of his output: it is also the largest body of works in Estonian classical music. But most of these pieces are unknown, even though the best of them are original contributions to the piano repertoire of the twentieth century. The seventh volume brings music from half a century, from 1912 to 1961 – mostly miniatures but each of them full of atmosphere and personality.

After the release of the first album (2011), Evi Arujärv wrote: "Sten Lassmann's interpretations of Eller are very free from the spirit of gravity that traditionally haunts national classics. Their freshness can be compared to an old painting, which, after clearing the darkness of time, gives the eye a soft glow and clarity of contours of the original colours."

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