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Estica Woodwind Quintet together with sand artist Madli Luuk

On August 6 at 8 pm, Woodwind Quintet Estica will give a concert in Tallinn House of Blackheads. Woodwind Quintet Estica brings classical music and sand art to the traditional concert venue in unique and innovative combination for both senses – hearing and seeing – they complement each other harmoniously. While Estica performs carefully chosen program with pieces by Estonian composers as well as some well-known pearls of woodwind quintet music, the artist Madli Luuk draws with sand on a special lighted table. It is possible to follow her thoughts on the large white screen above musicians, as well as to enjoy observing the musicians expressing themselves.

Woodwind Quintet Estica has brought together young Estonian wind players who all studied at the same time in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Their first concert that featured only Estonian music was also given at the Academy in 2010. It had a meaningful title Head varjata ei saa (One can not keep good stuff under wraps). Albeit being dedicated to promoting Estonian music, most of the members have also been studying abroad to improve on their musical skills. Woodwind Quintet named for Jaan Tamm (legendary Estonian chamber music ensemble most active from 1950s to 1980s) inspired many Estonian composers to write new music for woodwinds. Most of the compositions created during Soviet times were left without the opportunity to be known by wider public due to political circumstances, although there can be a lot of classy pieces found among them. Members of Woodwind Quintet Estica wish to continue the tradition of woodwind quintet in Estonia by interpreting respectable Estonian woodwind quintet music and commissioning new pieces. Members of Estica Woodwind Quintet are Marion Aruvee (flute), Heli Ernits (oboe), Helena Tuuling (clarinet), Mari Gienow (bassoon) and Meelika Mikson (French horn).

Programme: György Ligeti, Darius Milhaud, Jacques Ibert, Cyrillus Kreek, Enn Vetemaa

Tickets (8/5 €) available in Piletilevi box-offices and one hour before the concert in the venue!

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