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Pärnu Contemporary Music Days to begin

The theme of this year’s festival is „Performativity 2. Theorizing musical composition“. Program consists of symposiums, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, performances and joint listenings. Festival is organised by Estonian Arnold Schönberg Society.

Before the festival concerts, from January 3 to 9, composing workshop for experimental musical instruments under the guidance of Andrus Kallastu is taking place in Pärnu Old Town Elementary School.

On January 9 and 10, symposiums on theorising musical composition and compositional and listening strategies in action will take place in Pärnu Central Library.

On January 9, Repoo Ensemble will perform young composers’ works in Pärnu Old Town Elementary School, evening continues at the same place with the final concert of experimental musical instruments workshop.

On January 10, there will be a marathon concert in Pärnu Old Town Elementary School, where all participants of Pärnu Contemporary Music Days perform joint composition-improvisation.
All entrances are free.

Presice program and information about works, performers, lecturers and discussions is available on the page of Estonian Arnold Schönberg Society: