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Urmas Sisask in Japan

On the initiative of the concert series Estonian Music Project, the visit of composer Urmas Sisask to Japan takes place in this week. There are two concerts, world premiere and meetings on the way.

On April 23, the concert of pianist Izumi Tateno and his musical friends titled as Urmas Sisask – Listener of the message from Starry Sky, will take place in Tokyo Yomiuri Otemachi Hall. Program consists of Starry Sky Cycle I „Northern Skies“, Op. 10 (excerpt) , Waxing Moon for flute, violin, cello, and piano, Op. 40 (Japan premiere), Sombrero Galaxy for piano 4 hands, Op. 119 (Japan premiere), To the Stars for mixed choir (Japan premiere) and The stars of Eivere, cycle for piano left hand, Op. 142 (excerpt). Performers are Izumi Tateno (piano), Takahiro Akiba (piano), Yuko Yoshioka (piano) and Janne Tateno (violin), Eiji Tateno (cello), Hironori Shirouzu (flute) and Baobab Choir (conductor Akira Shimizu). Concert is supported by the Estonian Embassy in Japan, Japan-Estonian Friendship Association and Japan Arts, and managed by Art's Island.

On April 26, Tokyo Juventus Philharmonic orchestra and choir will perform in Tokyo Dai-ichi Seimei Hall with the program of Ludwig van Beethoven’s early symphonies and Urmas Sisask’s music: Benedictio and Sanctus for mixed choir a cappella and world premiere of Concerto for piano (left hand alone) and symphony orchestra Quasars, Op. 146. Soloist is Izumi Tateno, conductor is Kenshiro Sakairi.

In addition to concerts, Urmas Sisask will be invited to meet famous Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri (a veteran of two NASA space shuttle missions) at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on April 22.

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