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Jüri Gerretz 70

On December 7, the gala concert, dedicated to the celebration of Jüri Gerretz’s 70th birthday, will take place at Estonia Concert Hall. To honor the great violinist and teacher Gerretz, many of his students from Estonia and Finland will perform, accompanied by Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. An hour before the concert, the presentation of Jüri Gerretz’s first CD will take place.

Maestro Gerretz is known as a top Estonian violinist, chamber musician and pedagogue. From 1973 to 1997, he worked at the Estonian Academy of Music and since 1990 at the Kuopio Conservatory. Many of Estonian and Finnish top string players have studied under his guidance and have been influenced by him greatly. This gala concert is the present from his students to their maestro.
The list of performers include Marko Ylönen, Timo Holopainen, Kreetta Hannula, Arvo Leibur, Maano Männi, Andrus Haav, Harry Traksmann, Robert Traksmann, Terje Raidmets, Kristel Eeroja-Põldoja and many others. The orchestra will be conducted by Sakari Oramo – the principal conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. In the end of the gala concert, the stage will be filled with the big birthday orchestra.