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Opening concert “The Corners” of series ReVision IV

Initiated by the Ensemble Resonabilis, the series ReVision unites visual art and music. In case of ReVision IV the visual partner of music will be the photography that is exposed in different manners – as the exhibition on the wall, pictures moving from hand to hand, projected on the wall, screen and ceiling. Audience has the freedom to move around, replace the seats, listen and watch wherever they feel convenient at the moment. The aim is to move off from the rigid situations of performers-audience or exhibition-visitors, entwine together artistically valuable works to a unified whole and to offer deeply personal art experience.

The program:
Tarvo Hanno Varres photo series Corners
Eugene Birman defixio2 for voice, flute, kannel and cello
Salvatore Sciarrino L'orologio di Bergson for solo flute
Helena Tulve Silmaja for solo kannel
Antti Auvinen Allusion Fragments for voice, flute, kannel and cello
Ülo Krigul Meine ernste Wandlungen for voice, flute, kannel and cello

Ensemble Resonabilis: Kristi Mühling (kannel), Iris Oja (voice), Tarmo Johannes (flute) and Aare Tammesalu (cello). ReVision IV will take place at special place, so called Castle of the Sleeping Beauty in Tallinn, Uus Str. 19 on the 2nd floor on December 3 at 4 pm.