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Concert „Mozart in Tallinn“


Concert entitled „Mozart in Tallinn“ will take place on September 30 at Estonia Concert Hall. Pianist Kalle Randalu, one of the best-known interpreters of Mozart in Estonia, conductor Christoph Poppen and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra will perform pieces by Erkki-Sven Tüür and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The program of the concert consists of Tüür’s “Lighthouse” (1997), Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 27 and Symphony No 41 “Jupiter”.

The manuscripts of the solo cadenzas of Mozart’s last, 27th Piano Concerto have been stored at the Estonian History Museum for nearly a century and a half. The manuscripts were brought to Estonia by the Baltic German artist Gustav Adolf Hippius. Since June, the manuscripts are exhibited in the Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum. On September 30, in cooperation with the Estonian History Museum, the rarities will be brought to Estonia Concert Hall, and all the members of the audience will have the opportunity to see Mozart’s autographs with their own eyes.