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Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2011

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2011 takes place from January 8 to 30 and offer diverse program under the subtitle FUTURISM. Festival consists of three concerts in Pärnu Town Hall, where Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano) and Repoo Ensemble will perform, programs include among others also music by Andrus Kallastu and Hans-Gunter Lock. Multimedia workshops Experimental Human Voice and Experimental Musical Instruments, part of which is playing role as an educational program for students, will take place. Exhibitions will be opened in cooperation with art festival In Graafika. Besides lectures, discussions and symposion can be partaken in.

Festival is organised by Andrus Kallastu (chief organiser), Märt-Matis Lill (artistic director), Mart Jaanson, Kai Kallastu, Gerhard Lock, Hans-Gunter Lock and Maris Valk-Falk.

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