Music News

New concerts series “Talents at Home” to begin

Tallinn Philharmonic Society starts with new concert series Talents at Home that introduces young talented musicians who began their studies in Estonia but currently studying or working abroad. The first concert presents violinist Kaija Lukas. Program consists of Rock Score by Pehr Henrik Nordgren, Violin Concerto No. 3 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphōnē by Lepo Sumera and Symphony No. 97 by Joseph Haydn. Conductor is Juha Kangas.

Kaija Lukas has studied in Tallinn Music High School and London Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Prof. Jacqueline Ross (2006–2009), currently completing her skills in USA, Philadelphia under the guidance of Prof. Eduard Schmieder. Lukas has been performed both as a soloist and member of the orchestra in Estonia and abroad, participated in the work of Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, European Union Youth Orchestra, Guildhall Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Concert will take place on January 22 at 7 pm in Tallinn House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads.